Calling All Cooks (or Delivery Persons)

Posted on March 03, 2021 in: General News

Calling All Cooks (or Delivery Persons)

Our Meal Ministry for Families in Need requests a few more cooks...or delivery persons!
Our parish has some families who need meals prepared for them due to physical limitations (permanent or temporary).
We have a small group of people who make 1 meal every month for these families....yet we'd love to have a few more volunteers helping out so those involved would only need to make 1 meal every other month (or purchased, if you don't like to cook!) 
This would be a great Lenten almsgiving which you may find you really enjoy.
If you can spare ONE wonderful meal every OTHER month for this ministry, please contact Theresa Green at 763-972-7264 or by email at


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