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Contribution Envelopes?

Posted on August 28, 2020 in: General News

Contribution Envelopes?

Has it been a while since you used your Sunday contribution envelopes?  Have you switched to online giving?   Have you had an address or name change?  Perhaps you're using the envelopes and they're working well for you as they are -- that's awesome and we appreciate your generosity!

If you've switched to online giving or have decided to no longer use the envelopes, please let us know.   Our church pays for the envelopes sent to each family, so if the envelopes are no longer needed (or you just want the "special only" envelopes, e.g., holy days and school or building fund) or you've had an address or name change, we can update your subscription with our provider, OSV (Our Sunday Visitor).

Just email us at or call us at 763-972-2077 and we will make the updates for you!

Thanks for helping us keep our records and expenses in check.