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Ever Ancient, Ever New

Parish Podcast for Adults and Teens

  Father Kyle Kowalczyk and Jeromy Darling discuss various beauties and history of the Catholic Church in the podcast, "Ever Ancient, Ever New".

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Catholic Sprouts

Podcast for Kids and Families

The Catholic Sprouts Podcast is a daily podcast designed to help Catholic parents and teachers give Catholic kids a daily dose of the Faith. Podcast episodes are just 5 minutes long, perfect for listening over breakfast or in the car. With 10k+ daily listeners, the Catholic Sprouts Podcast is trusted and used by families and schools all around the world.

On the Catholic Sprouts Podcast, all Catholic topics are covered, from Saints to Sacraments, from Virtue to Vice and from the Liturgical Season to the Liturgy…and everything in between. On the Catholic Sprouts Podcast they boldly speak the name of Jesus and place our trust totally in Him! They also welcome incredible guest hosts regularly who are better able to speak to specific topics.

Tune in to grow in the Faith!

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