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Cemetery Liasion:

Jane Speckel:   763-442-1779 (mobile) or speckel.jane@gmail.com (email)

St. Joseph’s Cemetery and Calvary Cemetery

Located on the eastern edge of the city of Delano, on the corner of Elm Avenue and County Line Road, St. Joseph’s Cemetery offers a peaceful space with large trees and statues that remind everyone of the hope of resurrection.

Calvary Cemetery – St. Peter’s Church

Located south of St. Peter’s Church on County Road 17 (River Street South), Calvary Cemetery contains many large trees, shady walkways, and a view of the Crow River across the road.

Cemetery Board

The Cemetery Board operates under a set of by-laws which conform to church doctrine and state laws. All monies collected are separate from church funds.  The Cemetery Board has adopted a set of rules and regulations that govern the cemetery, many of which are posted at the entrance to the grounds.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

A detailed listing of cemetery rules is available at the parish office.  A summary of the more important rules is included here.

  • Parishioners are encouraged to buy burial plots on a pre-need basis to relieve this burden from the family during the funeral planning process.
  • No memorial can be set in the cemetery without the permission of the cemetery sexton or personnel, and must be set with a 4″ to 6″ wash.
  • Artificial flowers are permitted for Memorial Day, but must be removed from the cemetery by June 10.
  • Live plants may be planted in the ground in front of and within 12″ of any “upright” memorial.  No live plants are to be planted next to flat grave markers.
  • All winter decorations must be removed by April 1.
  • No one is to do any digging without permission of the cemetery sexton or personnel.
  • No trees or shrubs are to be planted without permission of the Cemetery Board.
  • Perpetual Care must be paid at the time of interment, if it has not been pre-paid.

Perpetual care assumed by the cemetery shall in no case mean maintenance, repair, or replacement of any vase, basket, memorial, flowers or other objects placed as a memorial or decoration.  Please do not place memorials or decorations that have significant value to you in the cemetery

Burial Options

The Cemetery Board is pleased to offer the in-ground burial options,  full-body, or cremation.  Costs differ, depending on the type of burial option you choose.  Non-parishioners can be buried in either of our cemeteries for an additional fee.

Unborn Memorial

Both cemeteries have erected a beautiful memorial to unborn children.  These memorial walls serve as physical signs that “Life begins at conception” and also provides for an individual marker of personal identification for those souls whose physical life ended before natural term.  Contact the St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish office for an application.  There is a fee to cover the cost of inscription and perpetual care of the surrounding landscape of the memorial wall.  Wishing you peace in the knowledge that this life, no matter how brief, has a sacred purpose in the eyes of God.