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Welcome to the Church of Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Building a Culture of Holiness centered on Christ in the Eucharist
Two Campuses: St. Peter's and St. Joseph's

The early immigrant settlers in Delano were primarily Polish and German. Having two distinct languages, cultures, and priorities, these groups each formed their own Catholic Faith communities and built their own churches. Although not as common in rural MN, there are many places across the country where this has taken place. Over the years the churches and communities have become unified, but their roots and importance is not forgotten.

In our current community, we have two campuses and each serves a specific purpose for our parish. St. Joseph campus is a more intimate setting and is home to our Parish Life and Youth Center and St. Joseph Church.  St. Peter campus is home to our Parish Office, Catholic Elementary School (St Max Kolbe School), and St. Peter's Church.   With varying space at both campuses, we can have events and ministries happening simultaneously. All together, we have some amazing facilities for every occasion.

We understand that stepping into an unfamiliar church for the first time can be a little intimidating and maybe even uncomfortable.  When you visit St. Max, you can expect to feel welcomed and accepted. If you’re visiting for the first time, we will not embarrass you, have you stand up, or expect you to give money. Instead you’ll find a comfortable atmosphere, a sacred worship space, fun and safe environments for children, and many opportunities to enjoy growing closer to Christ and others in the community.

With over 70 active ministries and initiatives, getting involved is easy. There is always something happening at St. Max. Whether you’re looking to just attend an event or taking the next step in service, we have something for you. Check out our many groups that welcome new members and look forward to connecting with you!

For new members, we also host a quarterly New Member Welcome Reception. Fill out the Form below to register for the Parish or go to the “Ministries” Page to connect with ministries.

Know that you are welcomed. We greatly encourage you to view our Why Catholic? page in order to better understand why we choose to worship Christ through the Catholic Church and why the Catholic Church is such a big deal. All events and ministries are open to you, including the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. However, we ask that you take a minute to learn what is happening in our Sacred Liturgy and the expectations of all that are present, including non-Catholics. If you are ready to take the next step and become Catholic, please look at our RCIA process.

  1. Driven Parishioners with a great love of the Church’s traditions and teachings.
  2. Exceptional Staff – Every Parish Staff member is Catholic to the core and many are parishioners. This means there is a great passion to see the Parish succeed and a great desire to help all who are encountered to see the light of Christ.
  3. Beautiful sanctuaries for worship and amazing spaces for ministry gatherings.
  4. A Catholic Elementary School as a part of the Parish.
  5. Top notch communication and events.
  6. A Desire to Improve. Strategic initiatives and Parish Leadership are consistently meeting to make sure everything we do matters and that we are doing everything we can to make a significant impact on the lives of parishioners and those in need outside our walls.

This registration becomes important when your family members are receiving the Sacraments of Baptism, First Eucharist, Confirmation and Marriage. Registration in a Catholic Parish is also a requirement for those wishing to be a Baptism or Confirmation sponsor. Additionally, being a member of a Parish gives one the identity of belonging to a family – in this case, the family of The Church of St. Maximilian Kolbe. In times of joy and in times of struggle, it is comforting to have the support of family. Being a registered Parish member assures you of that support.

Thank you for taking the time to register and Welcome to our Family!

We are a people-focused Church.  From little ones to teenagers, moms and dads, there is something here for your family. CLICK HERE to find out more information about our Children & Family ministries.

There have been tens of thousands of parishioners, and dozens of priests over the past century of ministry at our Parish. Each person comes in with their own perspectives, education and experiences. We strive to accept our positive differences for God made us all unique for a reason, but also encouraging every parishioner to courageously look forward to a more holy lifestyle, intentionally becoming a true disciple of God especially in those areas that are objective in nature.

Over the years, the community as a whole has gravitated towards strong respect for the sacred mystery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass desiring great reverence in this Sacrament. We strive to know and hold true to the Catholic Teachings and propose to our members and outside community members why we have the best option for living a life filled with joy and peace.

As we continue to grow as a Parish, we at different times focus on specific areas of faith and life in homilies, programs, and events. Our Strategic Planning initiative is working towards a framework for greater participation and has made a plan for better formation opportunities. Also, as a part of that initiative is an emphasis on Stewardship and what that means to us as Parishioners – asking not what God is doing for us, but what we can do for God and His Church.

We warmly welcome newcomers! We want our members to experience God’s love from our pastor, our staff and all our members. We would love for you to make the Church of Saint Maximilian Kolbe your new home of faith.

We invite you to register with our parish by clicking the link below so we can keep you informed about things going on, provide stewardship contribution receipts and maintain records of sacraments for you and your family.

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